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Charitable Organization "AQUATEC-UKRAINE"


February 21, 2024

Great appreciation to Miasphera company

On behalf of our charitable organization dedicated to rescuing abandoned pets, we want to express our deep gratitude to Miasphera company for their generous assistance and the decision to provide us with 1,000 medical test tubes for animal analysis. This will significantly improve the quality and speed of our work.

We are particularly thankful to Victoria, who not only learned about our activities but also took the initiative to contact us and organize this help. Such attention and support from your company inspire us and give us the understanding that our efforts are valued and supported by the community.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness and generosity. We take pride in having partners like you who share our concern for animals and contribute to making the world a better place.


July 5, 2023

Charitable organization "AQUATEC-UKRAINE" made another contribution to helping compatriots. This time we delivered twelve bags of clothes to the Catholic church on Gogol street in the city of Kharkiv. These items will be distributed to families and people who need warmth, clothing and support.

This charity event could not have taken place without the participation of partners from Europe who helped collect and deliver aid to our fellow citizens. Such friendly ties and international cooperation become invaluable in such a difficult period for the country.

BO "Aquatek Ukraine" continues its constant work of providing assistance to the Armed Forces, rescuing abandoned domestic animals and supporting those who are in difficult situations.

We are very grateful to everyone who participated in this charity event. Your generosity and compassion help us overcome difficulties and restore hope in the hearts of people who faced the tragedy of war on our Ukrainian land.

Together, let's continue to share kindness and care to create a better future for all!

Where does a homeland begin?????

Homeland is the place where you feel comfortable and you know - how to create this comfort!!

How did it all start for us?!

Helping our country, our native Ukraine, is the main task of our charitable activity. - In general, it is important that any human activity, whether professional or amateur, is aimed towards doing good!

For 17 years, our work has been mainly dealing with the cleaning of household sewage. We deeply understand the environmental problems of our country. The topic of homeless dogs and cats thrown away by negligent owners cannot remain without human attention.

Every evening, sitting down at a table full of food, each of us remembers the eyes of a dog at a bus stop, begging for something to eat, or maybe asking to be pet. Many of us seem to believe that the state should take care of them or there will be other people. "Why me? I can't. I'm allergic" or "I won't go through another pet loss!" and so on.

The animals you see on this website, be it a cat or a dog, had little to no chance left for a good life when we found them. They have already been thrown out, abandoned. They were not in a warm house, well fed and groomed!

So gradually we started welcoming abandoned dogs and cats at our home. We started to get to know local veterinarians and select the best ones to take care of our pets. As the amount of animals grew, so did the amount of time we needed to properly walk all of them. When we reached over 40 rescues we started to face a problem of building additional shelter for them on our territory.

Up until now, we have selected and provided the necessary medical assistance to 87 animals.

Many of them were lucky to find owners among our friends and acquaintances. When the family has one or two dogs (cats), pets always get more attention. But not all of our rescued animals manage to find a good human friend.

We currently have 23 dogs and 15 cats living with us and we provide them with everything they need.

Because of the war the problem of homeless people has greatly increased. We live outside the city where many people leave their homes and their animals behind and never return.

Our charitable organization "AQUATEC-UKRAINE" provides help in such situations, in some cases completely retrieves abandoned animals that are left unattended, without food, without care and gives them shelter and care they need

We recently started providing food, first aid supplies and medicine to the soldiers in the area.

Another delivery on March 8, 2023 of first medical aid to the military in the amount of 120 kg as part of bandages, turnstiles and first aid kits for a total amount of over UAH 200,000.

Our organiation and its voluteers are happy to help and support Armed Forces of Ukraine in any way we can. We believe with all of our hearts that the Ukrainian Army will liberate our country from russian invaders! Peace will come and people will return to their homes, as their beautiful and healthy dogs and cats welcome them back!

Glory to Ukraine!
Glory to heroes!