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Charitable Organization "AQUATEC-UKRAINE"

Our dogs

Our cats

2012 year. We were given two small kittens. We decided to call them Tim and Beam and started treatment from all parasites. They were fed and happy. But later it turned out that these are the two girls and their names are Tima and Bima now! It's great too.

2014. Some irresponsible neighbors' cat got sick and started coming to us as if asking for help. I asked the cat's owners if they could recommend a vet, but they told me that they are going to get rid of her (Anfisa) , as she is not active and sick...

They were going to take Anfisa to the forest or to the railway tracks (so they explained to me). This is why , we then had three cats: Tim, Bima and Anfisa.

Domestic cats that have been thrown out are very visible. They are maladjusted and sit on the sidelines quietly dying or run up to you and ask for help. That's how Belysh came to us. An absolutely white cat with pink ears, looking like he was starving. Kind, gentle, gentle and very sick. The process of restoring Belysh's health was very long...

Eva, Dymka, Alice, Lisa, Sima, Bilochka, Umka, Baghira also appeared!

Treatment of our little friends requires a lot of effort, attention and professionalism. Our veterinarian Anya did an amazing job with that but had to leave because of the war.. The amount of our four-legged friends greatly increased during the war. Though our friends intended to leave or run away for only a few days, they still have not returned. T it is precisely for this reason that we have Chuba, Mary, Sonya. Chuba and Sonya are very much waiting for their owners and most likely will wait, but Mary will not have that opportunity.. Her owners died from a wound received as a result of the Russian bombing.

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