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Charitable Organization "AQUATEC-UKRAINE"

Dear friends!

If you can and most importantly want to contribute to our work for the benefit of Ukraine in rescuing animals and helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine, we will be infinitely grateful to you!

To transfer material assistance, please contact us so that we can arrange transportation to Ukraine.

For financial support, use the method convenient for you below.

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Our projects

Car for transporting animals

Due to increased number of domestic animals we need to ensure their good condition and health within the city of Kharkiv on a regular basis.

A small van-type car will allow us to install several cages in it for animal transportation, provide an opportunity to deliver foods, medicines as well as to provide emergency medical care when animal needs to be taken to a vet clinic.

Besides taking care of animals, this type of car will allow us to assist our military we get in contact with in evacuation purposes to deliver old and unabled people, provide first aid equipment and foods to liberated territories of Kharkov region.

Financing of domestic animals

  • Purchase of fodder on a regular basis
  • Purchase of medicines on a regular basis for treating fleas, vaccinations
  • Purchase of medicines periodically related to the treatment of patients or recovery of selected animals
  • Financing of veterinary services for sterilization of animals, regular vaccination, diagnostics and treatment of patients
  • Purchase on a regular basis of hygiene supplies
  • Payment of staff services for bathing, cutting and combing animals, as well as cleaning enclosures and cages and premises
  • Payment of gas and electricity for animal keeping premises in the winter period

Assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

We are currently in contact with the 92nd mechanized brigade in the Kharkiv region.

Since the beginning of the war and on an ongoing basis, we have provided assistance in the form of food, medicine and first aid.

Our friends have already organized the delivery from Germany and Great Britain of a large number of military tourniquets, bandages, and first-aid kits, which have already been delivered to the front lines thanks to our military friend we stay in contact with.

At this time, the greatest need exists for our military in body armor and mobile army stoves for heating in winter conditions.


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IBAN: UA763515330000026007025905953
Company address: Kharkov, 61002, Ukraine, Chernyshevskaya str. 85, fl. 207

Correspondent banks

Account in the correspondent bank: 001-1-000080
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank: CHASUS33
Correspondent bank: JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York, USA

Account in the correspondent bank: 890-0085-754
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank: IRVT US 3N
Correspondent bank: The Bank of New York Mellon, New York, USA

Account in the correspondent bank: 36445343
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank: CITI US 33
Correspondent bank: Citibank N.A., NEW YORK, USA

How the funds accumulated in our charity account will be spent

First of all, we highlight two directions:

Method of reporting

The Fund submits reports on its activities to state authorities in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, makes tax and other mandatory payments to the budget within the terms established by law.

The Foundation reports on the use of donations and other earmarked contributions to fulfill its statutory tasks. Reporting is published on the website every quarter.

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